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The products we recommend to our clients are near and dear to our hearts. After all, if they fall apart, our relationship with you likely will as well. So to prevent that, we stick with products that have proven themselves over and over again in the homes they've moved in to.

We offer several independent, regional cabinet manufacturers whose focus is on quality and customization. These would include:

  • Huggy Bear Cupboards
  • Waypoint Living Spaces
  • Custom Wood Products
  • Spekva - Beautiful custom wood countertops

But cabinets are not the only part of a project. We also provide architectural moldings, countertop surfaces including stone, quartz, wood and corian. Plumbing fixtures and hardware are also available.

Custom vs. Modular

People often ask us if we do custom cabinets as opposed to modular one-size-fits-all. The manufacturers we work with all build to our specifications, customizing their products to our needs. This gives you a tremendous advantage in that you get exactly what you want, for a price that is reasonable compared to having a custom cabinet builder build your cabinets in your home, sawdust and all.

A custom cabinet as we define it, is one that is made to the dimensions provided, with the doors, edges and hardware we design, and the finish we want. Because our manufacturers are not in California, they have the ability to provide finishes that are harder and more durable than what cabinet builders in California are allowed to use due to EPA regulations. Custom to us means you get exactly what you want.